Wally’s is a small, not for profit dog rescue group based on the Central Coast. We have foster carers from Sydney to as far as Casino. Our carers include three vet nurses along with other caring and reliable families. We match our rescue dogs with the foster home that best suits them so that they can recover and be rehabilitated in the most appropriate environment according to their needs. Whilst we are a small group, we have successfully rescued and rehomed over 300 dogs (and a few cats and rabbits along the way) since commencing operation in 2010.

Wally’s have mandatory de-sexing for our rescues. We do not rehome without this. If our vet determines that a dog cannot have this surgery, we do not rehome them. We keep them as Wally’s retirees and provide permanent care for them. All our rescue dogs are vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested (adults) and heartworm treated. They are also treated for intestinal worms and parasites. Dogs requiring other veterinary treatment such as dentals, orthopaedic surgery, treatment for parvovirus etc. are treated without hesitation and with the same veterinary care we would have for our own dogs. We do not believe in euthanasia for dogs that have treatable conditions. We also cover our dogs for any necessary veterinary treatment at our vets for two weeks post adoption.

Wally’s foster carers work hard on behavioural issues, training and on socialisation to facilitate successful rehoming. We are particular about matching the dogs to their new homes and maintain contact with adopting families via a internet page we have developed specifically for this purpose. We find this has been highly successful as adopting families have ongoing support and can keep us informed about progress or if they have any concerns. This is done in a supportive and positive tone so that the families feel involved in our rescue and comfortable discussing any issues. We have, as a result, had families come back to us to adopt again, who have become foster carers for us and who have made referrals to others for adoptions. Being a small group allows us to know each other and our dogs well and to provide a high level of post homing support. We let adopting families know that we will always take our dogs back in the rare event that a dog and family don’t work out so that none of our rescues end up at risk again. We have formalised documents for foster carers and adopting families so that all parties are aware of their rights and their responsibilities in the care of our rescues.

  • Organisation Exempt from Companion Animal Registration under clause 16 (d) of the Companion Animals Regulation 2008 since 15th February 2013.
  • ABN: 50298592747

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